Protects nearly 500,000 acres of tropical rainforest and many endangered birds.
Enhances the lives of rural forest communities through health and educational programs.

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Key facts

  • Health clinic operations (6 visits by doctors, nurses, and dentists + medicines, bandages and other supplies)
  • School upgrade/resources (computer system and solar photovoltaic systems installation + coloring books, chalkboards and other supplies)
  • Health clinic resources (purchase of fast boat ambulance, examination chair, stretchers, office supplies and filing cabinets)
  • Agronomist hire to train local communities on sustainable agriculture + inputs for community participants (seeds, tools, etc.)
  • Exclusive activities to sponsor available: Yes
  • Personalized short video available: Yes
  • Credit stock: Low

Project Photos

Case Study

Do you want to prioritize the environment as a small or medium-sized business? Consider this case study.


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