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Step 2 Offset

Support from A to Z 
From onboarding to offsetting, our experts are here to help. Once you’ve discovered how much carbon you use each year, we’ll help you take steps towards shrinking your footprint. We’ll encourage you to reduce emissions where you can, and then intervene on residual emissions – which cannot be avoided. By being flexible and understanding your needs, we find the best way for your business to make a difference.

Total autonomy
Ready to offset? Your contribution to certified climate projects ensures the protection of tropical forests to help build a better future for everyone. You can decide exactly how you’d like to split your support. Allocate it all to one forest, split it between two to four, and choose community development activities to sponsor. You are in full control.
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Certified Impacts
All of the projects hosted on the platform meet our strict impact criteria. Third parties check and monitor each project to ensure their effectiveness – each of which is doubly certified under the Verified Carbon and Climate, Community, & Biodiversity standards developed by Verra. When your company offsets through our projects, you’ll receive a certificate representing a fixed amount of carbon not emitted because a forest keeps it stored safely. You’ll also get a link to the Markit environmental registry to view the carbon retirement.

Case Study

Do you want to prioritize the environment as a small or medium-sized business? Consider this case study.


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