NozoMojo Supports Isangi Congo Rainforest Conservation Project

5th December 2017


NozoMojo Supports Isangi Congo Rainforest Conservation Project

Tours and Arts For Conservation Business, NozoMojo, Partners with Stand For Trees

Mill Valley, CA — In November, NozoMojo chose to partner with Stand For Trees and support Isangi Congo Rainforest Conservation Project. The Isangi project is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the heart of the Congo basin forest sometimes referred to as, "the left lung of the planet". Isangi is located at the confluence of the Congo and the Lomami Rivers. The Isangi project area is comprised of upland and lowland tropical forests that harbor a critical center of biodiversity and supports a large but isolated human population.

NozoMojo stated, "As a conscientious wildlife and wilderness tour operator, one of our quality marks is giving back to nature. Operating in the Arctic, we see the consequences of climate change every day. And there is a clear link between polar and tropical regions. Global warming and loss of biodiversity affects all beings, everywhere. Our support of the Isangi project makes us carbon neutral. And in this way, we also support biodiversity conservation. We know that Stand for Trees will ensure our money is well spent."

In addition to forest protection and climate change mitigation, the Isangi Project brings with it a number of other co-benefits, such as job creation in the region. The Isangi project is bringing much-needed jobs to the region. The numerous jobs created from this REDD+ project include, but are not limited to, forest conservation rangers, social outreach workers, teachers, horticulturalists, machinists, seamstresses, foresters, construction workers, drivers, mechanics, and administrative personnel. The project also supports micro-finance programs which enable community entrepreneurs to finance new local businesses.

Bonobo chimpanzee, Isangi Project

Bonobo chimpanzee, Isangi Project

Of the partnership, Assistant Director at Code REDD, Peter Mach said, "We're humbled to see the support of the Isangi Project on behalf of NozoMojo. The Isangi Project is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet – and home to 14 species of primates, most notably the Bonobo chimpanzee. The leadership of Morten and Nozomi is laudable, and their contributions will make a significant impact in the region."

Responsible tourism companies, like NozoMojo, are making an important difference locally, as well as further afield. Sustainability in the tourism industry is often restricted, as there are not well-developed standards as in with the organic food industry. Giving clients a great suite of sustainable characteristics, including a high-quality CO 2 offset, NozoMojo is engaging clients while also providing a more complete and comforting package than most tourism operators.

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About Stand for Trees

Stand for Trees is a first of its kind consumer campaign that uses the power of social media and crowd-funding to enable everyone to take real and effective action to reduce deforestation and curb climate change. Through an innovative mobile web solution, individuals can now purchase 'Stand For Trees Certificates' – high quality, REDD+ verified carbon credits – to help communities protect endangered forests and wildlife by supporting sustainable livelihoods. The campaign was founded by Code REDD and supported by USAID and the MacArthur Foundation.

About NozoMojo

NozoMojo began in 2014 and is an inspired combination of the visions and hopes, loves and talents of Nozomi Takeyabu and Morten Jørgensen. In 2015, NozoMojo LLC became a reality. NozoMojo wishes to share the beauty of nature and nature-inspired art with you. NozoMojo will do so in the most sustainable way possible. Humility before Mother Nature, respect for the environment, non-invasive approaches and viewing of wildlife, limiting our impact and footprint, and giving back – these will all be kept in our minds and hearts as a deeply integrated part of our activities.


Peter Mach, Code REDD,

Nozomi Takeyabu & Morten Joergensen, NozoMojo LLC,