Chocó-Darién Forest Conservation Project (Returning Soon)


Located in northwestern Colombia, this project protects 13,465 hectares of rainforest by helping local Afro-Colombian communities protect their ancestral lands and pursue sustainable livelihoods. When you offset your CO2 emissions by supporting the Chocó-Darién Forest Conservation Project, you simultaneously help protect one of the most biologically diverse rainforests on the planet. Your support for the project enables local communities to monitor encroachment by neighboring cattle ranchers who are deforesting the surrounding area for beef production. Your Stand For Trees purchase is critical in empowering these local communities to pursue more sustainable economic options, and to valuing this forest for the critical services it provides to us all.

Key Facts

  • Protects virgin tropical rainforest that provides food, water, and livelihoods for 419 Afro-Colombian families across 9 villages.
  • Will reduce 2.8 million tonnes of CO2 emission over its 30-year life.
  • Protects critical habitat to 42 endangered animal species, including jaguars, macaws, and spider monkeys.

project impacts

  • The project employs staff from local villages, creating over 40 full and part-time jobs — bringing back jobs to rural, post-conflict areas. Jobs range from management positions to community outreach specialists and forest rangers. The project provides career opportunities and flexible work arrangements for youth and women, especially single mothers. Local communities now manage over 50% of the proceeds from your purchase.

    In addition to the technical training required to design and implement the project, families receive training in sustainable commodity production and securing markets for their products. The project places a strong emphasis on strengthening the cultural identity and territorial autonomy of the Afro-Colombian communities. Together, these investments help to create resilient communities with permanent and sustainable income streams supplemented by your carbon revenue.

  • The project will prevent the emission of over 2.8 million tonnes of CO2 over its thirty-year lifespan. The Chocó-Darién Conservation Corridor project is the first REDD+ project in South America to be validated and verified to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) for unplanned deforestation. It has also been validated to the Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards, Second Edition, Biodiversity Gold Level.

    Verified Carbon Standard: A Global Benchmark for Cargon CCB Standards: The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards

  • The Chocó-Darién Forest Conservation Project protects critical habitat for 42 endangered species including jaguar, Colombian spider monkey, Great green macaw, Harlequin frog, Cotton-top tamarin, Baird's tapir, and more. The project area is home to 88 species of endemic plants, 15 endangered species, and many more that have yet to even be identified and classified by modern science.

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