The Envira Amazonia Project

The Envira Amazonia Project protects nearly 500,000 acres / 200,000 hectares of tropical rainforest near the city of Feijó in the state of Acre, Brazil. It will prevent the emission of more than 12.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, while also preserving habitat for an extraordinary amount of biodiversity – especially birds – and directly benefiting local communities.

In addition to voluntarily foregoing plans to convert the forests to a large-scale cattle ranch, local landowners will also implement numerous activities to assist local communities and mitigate deforestation pressures such as offering agricultural extension training courses; patrolling potential deforestation sites; granting land tenure to local communities; and establishing alternative economic activities including commercializing the collection of medicinal plants and açaí.

The Envira Amazonia Project has achieved validation to the VCS and CCBS with Gold Level Distinction for the Project's exceptional biodiversity and community benefits, along with the Project's incorporation of climate change mitigation activities.

Impacto del proyecto