Isangi Rainforest (Returning Soon)

D.R. Congo

Isangi Rainforest (Returning Soon)

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Protecting a critical biodiversity hotspot in the Congo Basin Rainforest, known as the ‘left lung of the planet’, this project prevents the release of over 9 million tonnes of CO2  – enough to offset the emissions of 1.5 million average US households for a year.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Key facts

  • A former logging concession converted to a REDD+ project and saved from logging
  • Home to rare and critically endangered habitat, most notably the Bonobo chimpanzee
  • Tilapia ponds for food security for local communities

More info

Isangi sits at the confluence of the Congo and Lomami Rivers in the heart of the Congo Basin Rainforest, known as the ‘left lung of the planet’. A former logging concession converted to a REDD+ project, it supports a large but isolated population of more than 100,000 in one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. With the cessation of logging and under improved forest management, Isangi prevents the emissions of almost 9 million tonnes of CO2 – enough to offset the emissions of one million average US households for a year.

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Project Impacts

Biodiversity & Ecosystems

The project’s high conservation value upland and lowland tropical forests are a haven of biodiversity, hosting 11% of the world’s known bird species, many mammals and primates, and 700 species of native trees. Isangi engages local stakeholders to halt deforestation and poaching of endangered species, monitor wildlife and biodiversity, and cultivate endangered flora, and has restored almost 200,000 hectares of conservation land.

Community Development

Enabling people to provide for themselves while keeping the environment intact builds stronger, more resilient communities, and creates incentives for locals to protect their forests. Isangi’s forests are home to 21 villages with a combined population of more than 100,000 people, who are receiving schooling, communication infrastructure, and economic development assistance. In addition to one large and three satellite schools serving more than 3,000 children, the project has built 28 fishponds stocked with tilapia, dramatically reducing reliance on bushmeat, and supplied disease-resistant crops and seeds to farmers along with conservation techniques.

Emissions Reductions & Certifications

Isangi will prevent the emissions of 8.7 million tonnes CO2 over its 30 year lifetime, validated and verified under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). It has also achieved CCB Gold status for exceptional biodiversity benefits.

Endangered Species

In addition to birds, animals, and trees, the project protects countless threatened and endangered species, such as leopards, forest elephants, Red River hogs, 14 species of primates (most notably the Bonobo chimpanzee), dwarf crocodiles, hornbills, and rare bats.