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Your business can save forests and heal the climate

with Stand For Trees

We protect tropical forests, people, and wildlife with a pay-for-performance model that only rewards success. Offset your business carbon footprint with us and help create these spectacular impacts.

What we offer

Calculate & Offset Program

Want to understand and offset your business’s footprint? Use our simple calculator to go carbon neutral – and beyond.

Supporter program

No time to gather data, but still want to participate? Our supporter program is made for you and requires just a few clicks.

Bespoke offsets

Know how many tonnes you’d like to offset, don’t need a badge, or have a large-volume order? Click here to contact us directly.

Choose a package and forests and check out in just a few clicks with our online programs. You’ll receive tailored content and reporting, and you can also earn an interactive digital badge to showcase your impacts.

Our projects prevent 700 million tonnes of carbon emissions in 4.5 million hectares of tropical forests

(To make that up with tree planting, you'd need to plant 32 million hectares - today)

What you get

Choose your forest

Decide exactly how you’d like to split your support. Allocate it all to one forest, split it between two to four, and choose eligible activities to sponsor. You are in full control of your contribution.

Spectacular content & reporting

Whichever you choose, receive spectacular project photos and/or videos, activity reports, and much more. Imagine what a story that could make for your customers and staff.

View available projects

Official certificate and retirement link

Your business will receive a certificate with the details of your contribution, and a link to the Markit environmental registry to view the retirement.

Photo credit: Filip C. Agoo for Wildlife Works Carbon.

Our Programs

Calculate & Offset

The Calculate & Offset program is our primary business program. Our simple yet comprehensive calculator analyzes your annual emissions using the highest standards. It covers more than 220 countries, states, and provinces*, is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and covers all emissions scopes:

  • Scope 1: Directly generated emissions
  • Scope 2: Electricity-related emissions
  • Scope 3: Emissions due to activities outside a company’s core operations

You get: a detailed emissions analysis

No one-size-fits-all estimates here. Our packages are tailored to your exact footprint, and each comes with a detailed emissions report.

So you don’t underpay – or overpay. (Unless you choose to!)

We offer a range of offsetting tiers to cater to each company’s abilities. Whichever you choose, you’ll get standard volume discounts (available here) based on the number of tonnes in the order, and you’ll earn one of the following badges. And with our Climate Champion and Hero tiers, your company can go carbon-neutral – and beyond.

*150 countries and American, Australian, and Canadian states, provinces, and territories.


Scope 1 and 2 emissions


Scope 1 and 2 emissions

Business and staff travel


Scope 1 and 2 emissions

Business and staff travel

Scope 3 emissions



Scope 1 and 2 emissions

Business and staff travel

Scope 3 emissions + 20%

‘Beyond carbon-neutral’

To get started, you’ll need data for:

  • a 12-month period in the last 18 months (the more recent, the better)
  • at least Scopes 1 and 2

We’ve created a worksheet to collect data, with alternatives like floorspace or spend in case you can’t find information for some items. You can then enter the data directly in our calculator fields.

We encourage all companies to start here, as it is best practice to calculate emissions, reduce whatever possible, and offset the rest. But if you can’t collect data or have a fixed budget, our supporter program is for you.


With our Supporter program, you’ll receive many of the same benefits. You’ll still be supporting forests, and tonnes will be retired on your behalf – you just can’t claim to offset your emissions.

Supporter badge levels are based on your company’s size – using employees and turnover – and the contribution amount. (See thresholds here.)

To get started, you’ll just need the number of employees in your company and its annual revenue in USD. You can use the widget below to simulate your badge level and emissions reductions.

You’ll receive the same volume discounts as the Calculate & Offset program, but you can choose to forego it. This won’t affect your badge, but increases your impact by leaving more credits available for future sales.

Content and Reporting

A jaguar resting in the jungle.


Content and reporting packages are based on the number of tonnes (Calculate & Offset program) or the order value (Supporter program) allocated to a project. This means if you split your contribution across multiple projects, the package for each project is determined by the amount of the split.

Projects and retirements

No matter the package, you’ll get a Stand For Trees PDF certificate with the date and number of tonnes retired for each project in an order. You’ll also get a web link to the record in the Markit environmental registry confirming that the credits have been retired on your behalf.

The landscape of Lac Mai Ndombe, DRC. Photo credit: Filip C. Agoo for Wildlife Works Carbon.

More info

What is the maximum order size?

For the two online programs, the maximum order is 5,250 tonnes (Calculate & Offset Program) or $90,000 USD (Supporter Program). For orders above this, please contact us for a bespoke arrangement.

What is a digital badge?

Digital badges are a digital certificate or award to recognize or acknowledge achievements. They can be earned by people or organizations who commit to meeting the criteria for a specific badge, thereby motivating, exciting, inspiring, and creating trust.

Our badges are interactive and will display the following information when clicked:

  • badge type
  • organization receiving the badge
  • number of emissions reductions purchased
  • project(s) supported
  • period of validity of the badge
  • activities exclusively supported (if any)
  • background info
  • a link to Stand for Trees so your community can learn about us and take action with you
  • a photo slideshow of the forest landscape wildlife and community activities of your selected project(s).

Digital badges are usually placed in website footers, but can go anywhere. We provide you a few simple lines of code which can be easily embedded in any website.

How long are badges valid?

Badges are awarded for 12 months, plus two months’ grace period for renewals. Expired badges self-destruct.

If a company in the Calculate & Offset program earns its badge on May 1, 2019 then the badge will be valid until July 1, 2020, unless new data and a new order are input and completed by then.

Similarly, Supporter badges are valid as soon as payment is received. If the start date is May 1, 2020, the badge is valid until July 1, 2021, and then will expire unless a new purchase is made.

How do I receive my badge and assets?

You’ll be able to find your digital badge and all other assets like photos, videos, and reports in the user account you created when signing up.

Can I see my emissions report first?

Depending on the level of data provided, some of the following subtotals are provided without charge:

  • Directly generated emissions (Scope 1)
  • Electricity-related emissions (Scope 2)
  • Business travel and staff commutes (part of Scope 3)
  • Outsourced activities, logistics, and other downstream emissions (remainder of Scope 3)

If you would like to see the full detailed report before committing to an offset package, you can purchase it for USD 100, deductible from any future packages.

What about reducing emissions internally?

Some emissions are unavoidable, and this is why offsets exist. Nevertheless, the footprint report generated by our calculator will help to identify areas with the potential to reduce direct emissions.

We encourage companies to look at this report and their emissions in detail, and to consider reduction strategies alongside offsets. This is normally a long-term process; offsets often make up an earlier part of the journey to achieving reduced and net-zero emissions. They will also continue to account for emissions that cannot be helped.

If you are looking for assistance with this, please contact our partners Anthesis at With multiple international locations, they can assist with emissions reduction strategies, green energy sourcing, green supply chain transitions, and other sustainability initiatives

What are the full terms and conditions? Is there a contract?

Sample contracts for the Calculate & Offset and Supporter programs with all terms and conditions are available here and here, respectively.

All clients are sent a pre-signed contract using DocuSign for review and countersigning. It includes, for example, the allocation of carbon credits, and a declaration that information is as accurate as possible and that estimations have been made in good faith. Failure to meet the terms can result in the termination of the digital badge without a refund.

The online contract must be completed before you can complete an order and check out.

Credit reservations, quotations, and payment schedules

As our contract must be signed before payment is made or any invoice provided, the first step in the checkout process creates a 35-day reservation for your order, project, activities, and credits. Payment options are provided after the online contract is complete. This is also intended to give companies enough time to complete any internal ordering and processing requirements.

You may also request a quotation, although this does not create a reservation.

If payment is not made within the 35-day reservation period, your chosen project credits and any exclusively sponsored activities are no longer reserved, and become available again to others for purchase. If you’d still like to continue with an order after this, you will need to restart the process.

Please make wire payments at least 3 working days before the reservation period ends to guarantee timely arrival. Credit card and PayPal payments are instantly processed by the system and can be made anytime up to and including day 35.

What payment and currency options are available?

The following payment methods are available:

  • Wire or ACH transfer: USD, GBP, EUR
  • Credit card: USD, GBP, EUR, COL
  • Paypal: USD, GBP, EUR

You may select your currency during the order process. For payment method selection, please see below.

Credit card and PayPal checkout options are automatically made available for all orders via your online user account.

Wire payment info is provided via an emailed invoice. If you need to pay by wire, please select this option. We will remind you of this during the process.

Please note that only credit card check out is available for Colombian pesos, though you can still receive an invoice.

If you need any assistance, please contact us at Depending on the circumstances we can facilitate orders offline.

Invoices and PO numbers

Our online ordering system gives you the option to generate an invoice, and to insert a PO number. This option becomes available after the contract is signed.

You will be able to change the name and position of the responsible person within your company from the owner of the user account to the recipient of the quotation, invoice, and contract. You may also CC any colleagues you wish on these emails.


We are not able to offer refunds once a purchase is made, as the credits are automatically retired upon checkout by the IHS Markit and Verra environmental registries. Please make sure your order is correct and you are committed to our terms and conditions before checking out.

Can non-profits and other organizations participate?

Yes, our business programs can be used by any type of organization, including nonprofits, government agencies, and other non-business entities.

For any questions not covered here, please contact us at Or, if you’re ready, just click the button below.