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Donations or certificates?

Stand For Trees was set up to bring the power of REDD+ to the public. That’s why we built a system that immediately retires credits when you make a purchase, and sends you a certificate that is yours and yours alone.

As we mention on our FAQ page, because you’re receiving something back (the certificate), it isn’t tax-deductible. If you would like to support Stand For Trees through a donation, you can contribute to us directly, or to our donor emissions reductions fund.

For the fund, we make periodic, single bulk retirements for the total value of all the donations in a batch, and we rotate through the projects every time we do this. So you won’t be able to choose which project you’d like to support (except PayPal or mail, see below), and you won’t get a certificate in your name. But it’s still a great way to support the projects.

If you decide not to contribute to the fund, your donation will be applied to Stand For Trees’ operating costs.

Although tax deductions are only available to US taxpayers, donations are open to anyone. If you have any questions, please contact us at

How to donate to us

Send us your spare change with the Roundup App

Sign up once and make an impact forever. The Roundup App rounds up your purchases and donates the change to us at the end of every month. All donations will go towards the Donor Emissions Reductions Fund.

Sign up here online, or you can download the app for iPhone or Android. If you decide to use one of the apps, search for ‘Stand For Trees’, and select us. Then, link your credit or debit card using a secure, read-only link. And that’s it!

Your data is safe
Roundup uses the exact same API as Venmo and Acorns, and can never see your full credit card number. The card number is sent directly to Stripe, Roundup’s and Stand For Trees’ payment processor. Stripe also does processing for Facebook, Amazon, and 100,000 other organizations in the United States.

Roundup generally requires a US-based bank account, although you may be able to link an international credit card.

Sign up to round up

Other ways to support us

You can donate directly to us using Paypal, one-time or as a subscription. You can also shop with us through AmazonSmile. Or, you can mail us a cheque at the following address:

242 Redwood Hwy, Frontage Road
Mill Valley, CA 94941

For PayPal or mail, please specify if you’d like your donation to go to the Donor Emissions Reduction Fund, and/or a specific project. You can write this in the PayPal notes field.