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700 million tonnes

of carbon emissions
Foresters monitoring and flagging trees in the Mai Ndombe project, DRC. Photo credit: Filip C. Agoo for Wildlife Works Carbon.

The equivalent of taking half of Europe’s cars off the road.

Our forests store carbon in tree trunks, leaves, branches, and soils. This critical carbon sink stays safe thanks to our projects – and your contributions.

Because we can’t save the planet without ending deforestation.


4.5 million hectares

of tropical forests
Landscape and forest in the Keo Seima project, Cambodia.

Centuries-old ecosystems and biodiversity the size of Switzerland are protected for future generations.



of endangered species

Like orangutans, lions, bonobos, cheetahs, elephants, leopards, jaguars, bears, giant otters, and pangolins.

Small species like fishing cats, frogs, eagles, macaws, turtles, and anteaters.

And trees and plants with cultural or medicinal value like Spanish cedar, bigleaf mahogany, orchids, and others.


3000+ sustainable jobs

for communities
Women carrying baskets in a village near the Cordillera Azul project. Photo © Nancy Stone.

From ecotourism and agroforestry to forest patrols and sustainable clothing. And even cardamom and chocolate!


quality of life

for residents

Access to medicine, clean water, and sanitation. And scholarships, new schools, and teaching materials for children the world over.

When you buy Stand For Trees credits, you help to improve quality of life for over a million people.

Our projects don't just help to fight climate change. They also provide exceptional benefits for people, communities, ecosystems, and nature.

See some of our favourites below

Rimba Raya Orangutan Reserve

runs many community development programs

and supports schooling and education

for residents of the area.

Rimba Raya protects 47,000 hectares of peatland that stores thousands of tonnes of carbon, is home to critically endangered Borneo orangutans, and would have been lost to palm oil.

Its community impacts are equally meaningful – and equally critical. Not only does the project support all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, but it has earned CCB triple-gold distinction for providing exceptional benefits to climate, community, and biodiversity.

Indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities

on Colombia’s lush Pacific coast

have new economic opportunities

with the Pacific Forest Communities project.

Illegal timber extraction was often the only source of income for one of the country’s poorest areas. Thanks to the Pacific Forest Communities (PFC) project, communities now have access to alternative economic activities and can protect their traditional lands.

By protecting more than 500,000 hectares of forests and mangroves on Colombia’s Pacific coast, this project is preventing more than seven million tonnes of carbon emissions.

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