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We work directly with projects

Project saves a forest, stopping carbon emissions

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Trees are the key

We believe that saving forests is the best way to fight climate change, protect biodiversity, and uplift local communities. Yet, deforestation puts our planet at risk, with 40 football fields lost every minute… every minute!

We’re working to change this. As a global nonprofit, Stand For Trees empowers local communities to safeguard their forests. Thanks to the support of people like you, we have already preserved millions of acres of vital ecosystems.

$1 Saves 1 Tree.

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Your Climate Journey Mapped

You want to be sure that your support is making a real difference, right? We’re committed to showing you exactly where your generosity goes, so you know you can trust us.

Crystal-Clear Insight: We provide full transparency with our track and trace receipt to the carbon registry.
Impact Tracking: With your own profile page, you can instantly follow the path of your impact.
Your Name in Green: Receive a frame-worthy certificate with your name on it, verifying your support.

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Local Voices, Global Impact

Research shows designing a brighter, greener future starts with local voices leading the way. That’s why within our projects, local and indigenous communities aren’t just part of the plan; they ARE the plan.

Chief Basabo, a resident of the Mai Ndombe project, shares her wisdom:

Here in my village, the forest is our main source of everything. Our livelihood is highly dependent on the forest. That is the reason why we are saving the forest. The forest is my and the whole population’s survival.

From rebounding wildlife populations to increased education, holistic conservation has improved the quality of life for her community.

Basabo is one of the millions of residents being uplifted through Stand For Trees.

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Climate Hero Spotlight

Nordic Wristbands Logo

Nordic Wristbands, one of Scandinavia’s largest wristband manufacturers, is on an ongoing quest to minimize its carbon impact – and we’re proud that Stand For Trees has played a crucial role in this journey. With our help, they successfully measured and offset their carbon footprint from CO2 emissions arising from wristband production in 2022. Through our Mai Ndombe carbon project, they are protecting nearly 7,000 ancient trees from destruction while also providing vital support for local communities. Learn more about their impact story.

Stacked wristbands from company Nordic Wristbands