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Step 3 Communicate

Engage your team & customers
We know it can sometimes be challenging to communicate about climate change and sustainability. But fear not – our team supports you in marketing your company’s commitment to the climate. You’ll receive an impact dashboard, badges, shareable assets, and more.
Get carbon-backed artwork
Carbon Creatures are engaging digital collectibles (NFTs) that have carbon attached within the smart contract. When the digital collectable is purchased the carbon is automatically retired. Collectibles are fun to collect and are fantastic way for your brand to build community. Rather than your offsets ending up as a footnote in your company report, use digital collectibles as a way to showcase your carbon impact. Collectibles can be used as prizes, giveaways or add them to your existing loyalty program.
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Shout from the rooftops 
It’s time to celebrate your impacts. We know that the best brands make the best decisions for our planet, so you should let everyone know that you’re a climate leader! If you want to engage in any join-marketing activities, just let our team know below.

Case Study

Do you want to prioritize the environment as a small or medium-sized business? Consider this case study.


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