Stand For Trees x Bomba Estéreo

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The Pacific Forest Network

Stand For Trees is excited to add the Pacific Forest Network in Colombia to its platform! This project is being featured in the first episode of a media and music series to showcase the leading rainforest protection projects hosted by Stand For Trees.

Simón Mejía, of the Colombian electronic music sensation Bomba Estéreo, will travel from Afro-Colombian communities on the coast to indigenous communities in the mountains to learn about the Pacific Rainforest project that connects them. Recording sounds along the way, Simon expresses the power of the experience the way he does best – through music!

You can check out the project right now here, and you will be able to support it in the next few days.

Remix Contest

In partnership with Skio, Stand For Trees is launching a remix contest for the soundtrack to the teaser video for the upcoming film, so that musicians everywhere can participate in supporting this vital rainforest protection model. You can learn more about the contest here.

The winning remix will be featured as the official soundtrack of the teaser video, releasing April 17th (Earth Day).

The teaser will be available on the day of the winner announcement – April 17th.

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