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Stand For Our Forests

Reduce your carbon footprint 🌍🍃 and join our treevolution

Together we’re 100k+ heroes supporting conservation projects


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Trees are the key 🌱🌲💚

We believe that saving forests is the best way to fight climate change, protect biodiversity, and uplift local communities. Yet, deforestation puts our planet at risk, with 40 football fields lost every minute… every minute!

We’re working to change this. As a global nonprofit, Stand For Trees empowers local communities to safeguard their forests. Thanks to the support of people like you, we have already preserved millions of acres of vital ecosystems.

$1 Saves 1 Tree.

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Unleash Climate Action Tailored Just for You

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Calculate & Offset Your Lifestyle Footprint 👣👟

How many planets do we need if everyone lived like you? You’re a few clicks away from discovering your annual carbon footprint. It’s easy, fast, and free. From your meals to your commute, see how every action adds up and then focus on reducing them.

Ideal for: Curious individuals eager to unearth their annual environmental impact.
Perfect for: Taking the first steps towards a personal eco-makeover.

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Calculate & Offset Your Travel Footprint 👣🛩️

Taking a trip? Understand and balance your travel footprint in just a few easy steps, and help save tropical forests home to incredible nature, rich cultures, and iconic wildlife.
Then get back to your trip – with a clean conscience.

Ideal for: Curious travelers who want to learn more about their trip’s climate impact.
Perfect for: Eco-friendly adventurers who want to balance their travel footprint and make every journey green.

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Climate Action for Your Friends & Family 💚👥

Instead of gifting “stuff,” to your friends and family, why not give the gift of trees to your loved ones? Gifting trees in someone’s name as a heartfelt and everlasting way to show your appreciation. These trees will play a crucial role in supporting impactful projects worldwide.

Ideal for: Anyone who appreciates meaningful, gift-giving that benefits our planet.
Perfect for: Eco-conscious individuals who want to express their appreciation in a unique way, creating memories with a lasting climate impact.

Gift Trees

Take Climate Pledges 🌱♻️

Take charge of your environmental impact with our pledge program.
From reducing car usage to adopting Meatless Mondays, set goals to make small, eco-friendly changes in your daily life, and as you fulfill these commitments, collect digital badges that showcase your dedication to a sustainable lifestyle. Best of all, it’s completely free!

Ideal for: Individuals passionate about making a positive impact on the planet without breaking the bank.
Perfect for: Eco-conscious warriors looking to level up their environmental efforts and inspire others to do the same.

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Still curious? Hear from our people...

“Forests and wildlife are in danger. As a ranger, it is my goal to ensure that forests and wildlife remain for the next generation.”

Sowath RethyRanger, Southern Cardamom

“Despite the quiet, we lived in fear because of illegal loggers. Many threatened to cut wood here. With the project came the patrols to stop the cutting, and after that, everything got much better. Nobody else disturbs or threatens us.”

AldenoraResident, Brazilian Rosewood

“Protecting mother nature and educating my community on wildlife and the environment makes my work as a ranger so worthwhile.”

Jessica NjeriRanger, Kasigau

Tragically, Jessica Njeri was fatally injured in an elephant attack in December 2020. We have left this up as a tribute to her memory.

... and our supporters

“I love Stand For Trees. They provide a way for people to help save endangered forests and the people and wildlife that live within them.”


“I donate to Stand For Trees when I’m offsetting a specific event, like a flight. I use the certificate as a conversation starter.”


“Stand For Trees is a highly driven team that cares about what matters most. A place your donation can actually have a big impact.”


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