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Nordic Wristbands: Turning Events Green, One Wristband at a Time

Nordic Wristbands is one of the leading manufacturers of event access control products in Europe.

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Offset Transaction History

Issued Date Environmental Beneficiary Tonnes Project Name Registry Link Footprinted Offset Period
02/16/2023 Nordic Wristbands 348 Mai Ndombe 2022
02/07/2024 Nordic Wristbands 104 Cordillera Azul 2023
02/07/2024 Nordic Wristbands 189 Cordillera Azul 2023
02/07/2024 Nordic Wristbands 8.5 Gola Rainforest 2023

Incredible Impacts



The amount of CO2 offset by supporting the Cordillera Azul & Mai Ndombe project.



The number of mature, old-growth trees saved from destruction.



The total area of tropical forest habitat protected.



The number of SDGs funds went toward, such as cacao farming.



The percentage of carbon emissions offset from polyester wristband production.



The number of conservation projects supported.

Sustainability Story

In a world where the events industry casts a substantial ecological footprint, Nordic Wristbands has emerged as a beacon of sustainability. In recent years, as part of their efforts to champion environmental practices, they have seamlessly integrated a diverse range of organic materials into their product lineup for the event and entertainment sector. While this marks a step forward, many of their clients still rely on their cheaper virgin polyester alternatives. In response, Nordic Wristbands has proactively taken measures to compensate for these emissions, leading to a pivotal collaboration with Stand For Trees.

By aligning forces with us, Nordic Wristbands has fortified its journey towards carbon neutrality, effectively offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions produced by its fabric wristband and smart tag manufacturing processes. How did this come to be? Stand For Trees measured Nordic Wristbands’ 2022 and 2023 carbon footprints, quantifying it at 641 tonnes. Responding to this metric, Nordic resolved to neutralize this impact by procuring and retiring carbon offsets from our transformative Mai Ndombe project  in 2023a sprawling 250,000-hectare nature reserve nestled within the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In 2024, they decided to distribute their impact to another project, retiring carbon offsets from the incredible Cordillera Azil project—1.35 million heactres of forest the size of the US state of Connecticut, known as the ‘jewel of the Peruvian Amazon.’

The choice of REDD+ projects further enhances the credibility and transparency of Nordic Wristbands’ sustainability efforts. REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) projects measure the carbon in the forests, stop deforestation, and set up the system for receiving payments. To qualify, they have to prove the forests aren’t being cut down. These projects use the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)developed by Verra. It’s one of two leading standards and has extremely rigorous requirements.

Overall, this endeavor has yielded profound benefits. Nordic Wristbands’ impact means preserving nearly 13,000 ancient trees from imminent destruction. Additionally, their involvement contributes to securing education, healthcare, clean drinking water, and more for tens of thousands residents involved with the projects. Beyond its human and climate benefits, these projects are critical habitat for forests elephants, bonobos, and an array of other irreplaceable species. 

Sustainable Development Goal Highlights

11 schools built or renovated, with more underway.

8 medical facilities supported, providing healthcare to residents.

2,214 people provided with new jobs.

Stand For Trees
Project Supported By Nordic Wristbands

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