Tambopata Biodiversity Reserve


Tambopata Biodiversity Reserve

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Saving a rainforest the size of Los Angeles, supporting over 611 cacao jobs, and protecting more than 30 incredible species like jaguars, macaws, and giant river otters, this project in a National Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon does it all. Help protect this forest today.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Key facts

  • Located in the “Biodiversity Capital” of Peru
  • Protects endangered species like Giant River Otters, jaguars, and spider monkeys
  • Improves agricultural practices and sustainable livelihoods in the region

More info

Recognized internationally as an area of incredible biodiversity, the Tambopata National Reserve and Bahuaja-Sonene National Park in the Peruvian Amazon are home to some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered wildlife. Jaguar, giant river otters, and giant armadillos can be found alongside blue macaws and other species in need of immediate protection. Families and communities living around the Reserve rely on the forests for clean water and other resources. However, the area has long been under threat from illegal loggers, subsistence farming, and artisanal gold mining. The Tambopata project helps fund the preservation of this highly biodiverse rainforest, the protection of the Reserve, and the restoration of degraded lands for small farmers and native communities.

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Project Impacts

Biodiversity & Ecosystems

Providing critical habitat for over 30 high conservation value species, the Tambopata National Reserve is widely known as the biodiversity capital of Peru. The Tambopata project is improving forest protection through surveillance and management, biodiversity monitoring, and research support.

Community Development

Approximately 11,000 inhabitants, primarily small-scale farmers, live in the area surrounding the reserve. The project is improving livelihoods for many of these families by implementing sustainable agricultural practices in the area and providing training. It has also established a smallholder cooperative to improve harvest management, planted 4,000 hectares of cocoa trees on previously degraded land, and helped to secure land titles.

Emissions Reductions & Certifications

Tambopata will prevent the emissions of 4 million tonnes of CO2 over the first 10 years of its 30-year lifetime, validated and verified under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). It has also achieved CCB Gold status for exceptional climate and biodiversity benefits.

Endangered Species

The Reserve’s flagship species is the jaguar, the largest cat of the Americas, whose wild population is rapidly declining due to hunting and habitat loss due to deforestation. It is also home to many other amazing and endangered species such as the giant river otter, which is estimated to have a remaining wild population of fewer than 5,000 individuals. The Tambopata Reserve offers protection to these beautiful animals through forest conservation and monitoring.