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Save forests with Stand For Trees

Tropical forests are the planet’s most powerful protectors.
They hold up to 418 tonnes of carbon per hectare.

Worldwide, forests hold more carbon than the atmosphere.

These precious acres, teeming with life and colour, protect you – now and every minute – from the ravages of climate change.

That’s why Stand For Trees’ mission is to protect them.

Our projects prevent 700 million tonnes of carbon emissions in 4.5 million hectares of tropical forests. (To make that up with tree planting, you’d need to plant 32 million hectares – today).

Our model only rewards success. Which means that our supporters have a clear, measurable impact on forests, wildlife, and people.

That’s why we say $1 protects one tree. (1.07 trees, to be exact.)

And with those trees come all sorts of benefits for community development, endangered species, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and much more.

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