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You travel.

We save forests.

Calculate and offset your trip with Stand For Trees.

Sometimes, you just have to be there in person.

So why not be a travel hero? Understand and balance your travel footprint in just a few easy steps, and help save tropical forests home to incredible nature, rich cultures, and iconic wildlife.

Then get back to your trip – with a clean conscience.

Beta Version

1. Analyze

Estimate how much CO2 is generated by your trip.

2. Balance

Choose your favorite forest.

3. Gain

Get a certificate and enjoy peace of mind.

Want to grow your impact?

We’ve made this calculator embeddable so that you can give other travel heros the ability to offset their trips – directly on your website.

Every trip has an impact, but together we can make it positive!

Click the blue “COPY CODE” button to copy the code, then paste it on your website.

<!-- anywhere inside the head element of your page -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- where you want the widget to appear inside the body element of your page -->
<iframe title="Widgets For Trees" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"
onload="this.contentWindow.postMessage('token=bd2cb44e0c90406b795a1b9f40893a1d', '');"
    style="visibility: hidden; width: 100%;"></iframe>
<!-- Should you be unable to edit the head, just put the <script> above the <iframe> inside the body element of your page. -->

<!-- In order to specify a different placeholder image for the Travel Footprint Calculator, add
     &blankResPlaceHolder=URL_OF_YOUR_IMAGE to the src attribute of the iframe tag.

Want to not just embed, but customize and monetize this calculator?
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