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Climate Action Teams

Our Climate Action Teams program is more than just a subscription; it’s a promise to create a world where lush, thriving forests continue to breathe life into our planet. Embark on your sustainability journey and give your employees reason to be proud by funding certified carbon reduction and forest conservation projects every month.

Join 12,000+ climate heroes that are taking action

We work with businesses of all sizes

What’s included in your subscription? 

1. Monthly climate action

Every month you’ll automatically fund certified carbon reduction projects of your choice, as well as funding forest conservation that boosts local communities and biodiversity.

2. Your own impact page

See your supported projects and impacts come to life, tell your sustainability story, and share it all through your personalized impact page.

3. A customized plan for your team

Adjust your subscription to align with your team size, ensuring a positive impact for each staff member. Modify, pause, or cancel anytime.

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Why start a Climate Action Team?

Made to fit your team

Other sustainability programs can be daunting and time-consuming for companies. Climate Action Teams plans make it refreshingly straightforward and efficient, allowing you to make adjustments as your team changes and grows.

Become a tree-powered company

Gain the ability to precisely quantify the trees you’re saving while simultaneously contributing to the preservation of ancient forests worldwide, spanning from the lush landscapes of Peru to the vibrant ecosystems of Kenya.

Fund high-quality climate projects

With stringent monitoring and global recognition, our exclusively REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) projects offer a transparent and credible way for companies to align with environmental goals and enhance their sustainability efforts. Our featured project this month is Mai Ndombe.

Our Plans


$20/month per employee
Go above and beyond
240 trees saved/year
12 tonnes of CO2e reduced/year
Choose plan


$10/month per employee
Make an impact with our most-used plan
120 trees saved/year
6 tonnes of CO2e reduced/year
Choose plan


$5/month per employee
Get started in your sustainability journey
60 trees saved/year
3 tonnes of CO2e reduced/year
Choose plan