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Did you know that regular chewing gum is made with plastic and that every piece that lands on the ground will be stuck there – forever?

Many people don’t realize that the fresh breath experience we all enjoy is one of the worst causes of litter we see today. In fact, gum generates a whopping 100,000 tonnes of global waste a year.

The founders of True Gum are out to change this. They’ve developed a fantastic solution to this sticky situation – a vegan, biodegradable, and plastic-free chewing gum. Their goal is to clean up the streets and our environment by making an alternative with ingredients healthier for both humans and Earth.

We’re happy to call them our partner – and not just because of the delicious perks! Keep reading to learn more about True Gum, their partnership with Stand For Trees, and of course, their unforgettable flavors.

Changing chewing gum, for good

True Gum was founded back in 2017 by four friends, after realizing that normal chewing gum is made with plastic. Determined to change that, they finally managed to develop a plastic-free alternative after many attempts and nearly two years of experimenting in their home kitchen.

True Gum gums during the testing process (at home!)

Home trials!

Finding that perfect recipe

Instead of a plastic-filled base, True Gum uses a natural chicle base, which comes from the sap of gum trees that grow in the Central American jungle. (No trees are harmed in the extraction process!) In fact, because this supports communities and farmer cooperatives, True Gum helps give locals a reason to preserve existing forests –  a mission we’re closely aligned with here at Stand For Trees.

After years of hard work, they now have a gum factory in Copenhagen, Denmark, where every piece of True Gum is made today. Their all-natural and mouthwateringly tasty flavors include Strong Mint, Lemon, Raspberry & Vanilla, Ginger & Turmeric, and Liquorice & Eucalyptus.      New and exciting flavors and products are regularly added, such as their plant-based True Mints.

True Gum's gum flavours and packaging.

Some of True Gum’s many flavours

Why did True Gum partner with us?

In a nutshell, or should we say in a gum wrapper, they wanted to do good and make an impact. Here are a few words from one of True Gum’s founders on why they teamed up with us:

“From day one it has been our mission to do good. True Gum is a socially responsible company and that is why we’re excited for this partnership with Stand For Trees, now proudly supporting the important Southern Cardamom project.” – Peter, co-founder

By supporting Southern Cardamom, True Gum is helping to ensure that the fantastic biodiversity of the Cardamom rainforest landscape is preserved for future generations, while also reducing emissions and supporting local inhabitants. Half of their donations are specifically going to a community fund to provide educational scholarships, allowing children from the project area to attend school and continue higher education.

The other half of their donation is being used to offset 3,524 tonnes of their carbon emissions. That’s the equivalent of saving 7,964 trees and 14 hectares of forest—the size of approximately 20 football fields! When they make quarterly contributions towards their total offset, they receive detailed progress reports from us.

True Gum's offset tag from Oct 27, 2020

A quarter of True Gum’s total offset

What’s more, their support makes them the first gold-level donor in our Climate Donor Badging Program, set to launch in several weeks for businesses (sit tight, you’ll get to hear all about it soon). It’s an acknowledgment they earned through their commitment to supporting climate action, and we’re excited to have them on board so early.

Better Together

But their contribution doesn’t stop there. To raise additional funds for the Southern Cardamom project, they recently collaborated with Austrian influencer, Janaklar, to raise an extra 2,000 euros. To showcase where the donations are going, their team plans to visit the project area to document its beautiful people, jungles, and animals, along with all the work accomplished. We can’t wait to see what they come back with, and we’re happy that they’re finding fresh and exciting ways to collaborate and demonstrate the impact of their support.

“We’re proud to be the first gold-level donor in the Stand For Trees Badging Program. We want to make a significant contribution that actually matters in an effort to reduce carbon emissions, as well as support local communities and preserve important rainforest.”  – Jacob, co-founder

Here at Stand For Trees, we will never go back to regular chewing gum. We all need to take responsibility for our consumption to create a more sustainable world. That’s why we’re forever lucky and grateful to have partners like True Gum that go above and beyond in making a real difference for the environment themselves as well as supporting our work creating a healthier planet.

That’s all we have for you right now, but we look forward to sharing more updates soon!

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